About Us


SCORPIAMEDIMART is one of the first launched Medical Online Sales portal in India. SCORPIA Medimart was launched in Indiain year 2010. SCORPIAMEDIMART is online ecommerce platform of Scorpia India Medicare Pvt Ltd and it offers only high quality medical equipments. 

About SCORPIA India

Scorpia India was established in year 1995 headquarters at GHAZIABAD which is a satellite town of DELHI . Medical Equipment Division was launched intitially and since than it has experienced a constant growth. Scorpia India has diversified interest in Healthcare Education & Information Technology.

Scorpia's Management became based on everyone exerting their Maximum Efforts where Manager's dedicating their Complete energy to earn the Employee's trust - All believing in each other: Abandoning Selfish Motives; and feeling fortune to work for the company. All Employees ultimately united to make Scorpia a Company they could be proud to work for.

 Since establishment SIMPL Group has experienced constant growth rate. This has been the result of unparalleled commitment to serving the principles and customers in a professional manner. Today the company has an establishment network with most advanced office automation services. List of customer’s include most of the top end institutions and Hospitals.

SIMPL group is headed by highly qualified, trained and experienced professionals assisted by professionally managed field and office staff to provide the principals High-Tech services. The people of Scorpia care about the services they provide to their customers. It’s another way to ensure the finest quality services for the customer's valued money.


‘’ When you think it’s time to Give up, the real work begins. At Scorpia we take positive challenges and Succeed where others don’t even try’’.

Companies are made up of people. The quality of technology, product and Services depends on people behind it. We want Scorpia to continuously deliver new value to our Customers with employees who relentlessly pursue their dreams, work enthusiastically and consistently achieve self determined goals.

Human Minds are said to be easily changeable. Yet there is nothing stronger than human Mind. Scorpia Became What It is today because it is based on a bond of Human minds and strong will positive thoughts.

 Vision & Mission

India is emerging market which is eyed by the complete Global Economy in the field of Health care. The Market is growing by more than 40% every year. Scorpia India considers the whole India as its market. Such an ambitious goal demands excellent logistics, sale, Marketing and Services. Availability of full product range under one roof ensures that quick and effective solution is made to meet the best of the customers need.

Scorpia India is the group of professionals that is always available to examine improvements and customize to meet the most difficult global requirement.

Feedback from ultimate beneficiaries has enabled them to improve the working system on a constant basis increasing reliability dramatically. Our dynamic and qualified staff is engaged in an on going search for ways of Improving the Improving’’ so ensuring that Scorpia India trademark is a synonym of quality services.