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SECA 354 - Digital Baby Weighing Scale (10g graduation)

Convertible and Robust - also converts to a flat scale for children (2-in-1 scale)
₹ 25,700.00 ₹ 23,130.00

SECA 334 - Digital Baby Weighing Scale (5g graduation)

The mobile baby scale with special damping system
₹ 80,100.00

SECA 374 - Digital Baby Scale (5g graduation)

Baby scale with extra large weighing tray
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SECA 210 - Mobile Measuring Mat for Babies & Toddlers (Infantometer)

A lightweight and space-saving solution for precise length measurement of babies and toddlers while lying down
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SECA 206 - Roll-up Measuring Tape with Wall Mounted (0-220 cm)

The space-saving solution with roll-up mechanism.
₹ 2,830.00 ₹ 2,547.00

SECA sensa 804 - Digital Personal Scale (Body Fat and Body Water Analysis)

The Seca 804, equipped with 24 chrome electrodes, reaches a new level of precision. It measures not only weight but also body fat and body water, and it calculates BMI.
₹ 15,400.00

SECA 803 - Digital flat weighing scale featuring a high-quality two-component rubber surface

The basic model's timeless design catches attention, complemented by a high-quality rubber coating that provides a comfortable touch. Reading weights on the display is effortless due to the large, clear LCD figures.
₹ 12,400.00 ₹ 11,150.00


The seca 876 is highly stable and accommodates weights up to 250 kilograms. Its four leveling bases ensure secure stability, even during weighing with small children held by adults. The mother/child function simplifies tare weight calculation with a single button press.
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This scale combines lightweight construction, robust durability, and user-friendly design. It features long-life batteries for humidity-resistant precision and includes a toe-tap push button for effortless operation during consecutive examinations. The double display enables simultaneous viewing of results from various perspectives, while the 2-in-1 button efficiently weighs children held by their parents.
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This scale features a classic design with a large, clear dial graduated in 1-pound increments. It has a spacious, low-level, non-slip platform and a scratch-resistant finish for patient comfort and ease of use.
₹ 24,700.00 ₹ 22,300.00

SECA 201 - Ergonomic Circumference Measuring Tape

SECA 201, a precision length measuring tape, offers millimeter accuracy for gauging girth. Specifically designed for assessing Visceral Body fat via waist circumference.
₹ 1,298.00 ₹ 1,168.20

Seca 203 - Measuring Tape - Waist and Hip ratio calculator

Seca 203 - measuring tape(Waist - Hip ratio calculator)
₹ 2,680.00 ₹ 2,412.00

WARMY-Gel Warmer

A Dual Bottle Gel Warmer, is based on intelligent Arduino Micro-controller Technology, ensuring the perfect temperature for gel bottles to maximize patient comfort and warmth. Featuring a bright LCD display for continuous temperature monitoring, WARMY offers a Turbo heating mode for rapid warming when needed. Its Intelligent Thermal Cutoff Technology guarantees that the temperature never exceeds safe limits, providing 100% safety and reliability. With unique surround heating technology, gel bottles are evenly heated from all sides. WARMY is your ideal partner in delivering ultimate comfort and care to your patients.
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